About us

Welcome into our family kitchen

Above all, Cuisine en Famille is a story of two hearts… the story of Claire and Adrien.


They met at high school, did their further education together, split up (not for long), got back together, settled in their home villages, worked on their respective family estates, slipped a ring on each other’s finger, and started a family….
It’s the story of two vignerons in love, each with their own business, who one day decided (because they’d soon be turning 40!) to pursue their passion for wine hand in hand, and to share the values they hold dear…

Cuisine en Famille is thus a family-owned négociant – caring, natural and simple. It’s like our grandmothers’ kitchens, like big meals with friends, returning from Sunday market, get-togethers in the kitchen, the kids licking the spoon, laughter, mates turning up unannounced, the pressure cooker simmering on the range, occasions big and small…



“For us this is a new joint adventure, a fresh page in our family history. And it just seems so obvious to welcome you into our kitchen!”


Meet the family

Claire, the mother

Pure and beautiful, a good fairy born under the lucky star of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, an œnologist, a talented yet modest (and even shy) vigneronne with a radiant smile, and above all a peerless cook, Adrien’s wife and the mum of Louise and Jeanne…

Adrien, the father

An impetuous character! A man in love, but above all a generous soul, a rugby player, an entrepreneur, a vigneron with a passion, feet always on the ground, an unrivalled taster and sometimes the “zero sulphite man”, a creative charmer and joker, a besotted dad, patient, quietly strong, and above all Claire’s husband…

Their friends,

Childhood friends, friends of friends, friends who’ve become family, friends who are always there, with their help and advice and kindness… grape-growing and oenologist and wine-selling friends, friends with gourmet palates or hearty appetites…

A wine kitchen is always, and above all, a family affair!

Our commitments

Cuisine en Famille… stands for strong values.

“Our idea is to build a collection of responsible, ethical and healthy wines… Wines that are inspired, creative and reassuring – like the cookery we love.”

Ethical Healthy Responsible

Only select organic wines. Wines that are natural and authentic.
Pay a decent price for the work of these vignerons, who respect their land and their vines.
Surround ourselves with local partners and suppliers.
Be attentive to every step of production and marketing.
Share. Interact.

Creative Inspired Simple

Sip, taste, select, imagine, create.
Add our personal touch through the magic of blending.
Dare to shake up customs and combinations.
Know how to set off straightforward products by being deliciously offbeat, seriously inventive or simply conventional.

Our wines

Organic wines, auteur wines, wines for modest cooks through to top chefs…
Moreish, expressive wines that are always crafted au naturel.
Wines rooted in the soil and beautiful terroirs. Sustainable wines.
Wines endowed with flavour, colour and perfume.
Wines that are fresh, elegant and alive.

 “Healthy and simple wines that are just like our cookery – for sharing by two, four or 12 people, during a romantic tête-à-tête, with family or friends…”

Les bras m’en tombent

Or the art of being in the kitchen…

Great ingredients aren’t everything. In the cellar as in the kitchen, what also matters is a deft hand, the right balance, a keen eye, and a subtle final touch… which together sprinkle stardust on a recipe, to amaze and stir you…


Vin de France

Organic • 2019

Les bras m’en tombent

Blend: Grenache – Cinsault
A traditional Rhône Valley blend, but one that underscores the delectably light freshness of Grenache and Cinsault grapes planted in sand.


Vin de France
Organic • 2019

Les bras m’en tombent

Blend: Vermentino – Sauvignon – Roussanne
A fresh, vivacious style with tremendous aromatic length.
Multiple origins: Vermentino from Haut Languedoc, Sauvignon from the Southwest, and Roussanne from the southern Rhône Valley

Tout ou rien !

The grapes, the whole grapes… and nothing but the grapes


Vin de France
Organic • 2019

Toutou rien !

Blend: Grenache – Syrah – Carignan
Moreish, easy-going, unassumingly natural …